I'm here to help you start giving outside of the box. No more scented candles, bottles of wine or boring ties thrown into a gift bag. The Pink Pen is your go-to source for gift-giving ideas. What to give and how to give it - all tied up in one neat package right here.

If you're pressed for time, I also offer gift concierge services where I take care of all the details and you get all the thank you's. And as always, calligraphy and hand lettered signs continue The Pink Pen tradition.

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Birthdays, Mother's Day and the holidays aren't going anywhere, so let's get started.

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I have really been loving this unexpected Christmas gift from my husband. I pointed out this tortoise clutch as a gift idea in an Instastory during the holidays. I thought it was a classic shape with a preppy vibe that could go with any outfit. Well, Santa was listening. 😉 I always feel like a member of the Royal family when carrying a clutch & I’ve already put it to use for 3 occasions since receiving it. What gift(s) did you receive that you really loved this holiday? Do tell, dahhhling. <insert British accent here> #meganmarkle #sofancy #clutch #saintbernard #nordstrom #preppystyle #giftconcierge #holidaytreat #gifts #atxblogger #giftguru #instastories #calligraphy #thepinkpen

Greetings & Happy almost 1/2 way through January! I’m Monica Alas and I started The Pink Pen in 2013 as a way to share my love for hand lettering and calligraphy with the world. My family was young and growing and addressing envelope after envelope became my soothing, quiet time after I'd tucked my little people into bed at night. Well, we've all grown and evolved and The Pink Pen has too. So, not only am I pretty crafty with a nib, ink and pens I'm also very observant, stylish and thoughtful making me quite a nifty gift giver. I am excited to use these skills to help make meaningful gift giving easy and fun for the giver and wow-how-did-he/she-know for the receiver. In case you were wondering, I also love: ...Podcasts, glamping, trail running, clouds & the public library. ….Learning new things like tarot card reading, skateboarding and meditation. ...Making lists with little boxes next to each task to draw big, fat X's into when I finish something. Oooh, gets me excited just thinking about it! …Love & celebrating. My husband and I were married on Valentine’s Day. My kids made their grand appearances on New Years and Cinco de Mayo, respectively. I hope to help you express to the important people in your life how much they mean to you.

Giving with love and intention. We’re at the start of a fresh year, a new beginning. Maybe you’re reflecting on 2018, creating new goals, vision boarding, or asking does this object #sparkjoy My grand vision for this year (they always start out that way, don’t they?) is to bring more intention to all aspects of my life but especially sharing my insight into how to give like ya mean it. Let me handle all the details for you or follow along and apply these ideas on your own. I hope you’ll join me in the giving adventure. #intention #intentionalgiving #giftideas #giftconcierge #goals #newyearnewgoals #withlove #giftwrap #giftguru #guidetogifting #calligraphy #thepinkpen

Hair appointment set for Friday. I’m thinking of taking this in as my inspo pic. @modernmusebeautyatx loves a challenge 💁🏽‍♀️ #flowerhairdontcare #flowersforme #gifting #giftconcierge #giftguru #thepinkpen

Save your people! It pained me every year to throw out all the gorgeous families on the holiday cards we received. So, I held onto them in a gallon-size ziplock bag, for like 4 years. Procrastinate much? Finally, last year I made a run to the craft store and picked up metal rings and got to organizing them into sweet, little holiday books by year. If you haven’t already recycled your family & friends, I hope you’ll make your own book this year. It’s crazy-easy and doesn’t require instruction, but I’ve included a quick how-to in my Stories. #savethepeople #friendsandfamily #holidaycardbook #2018 #howto #snailmail #holidaycards #giftconcierge #giftguru #calligraphy #atx #satx #thepinkpen

2019 is off to a strong start: ✅ got in a run (even hauled a scooter over my shoulder for a mile) ✅ meditated ✅ made it to a decade of mothering (tougher than it looks) ✅ soothed my homesick, 10 yo birthday girl via FaceTime ✅ sequins two days in a row (can’t stop, won’t stop) ✅ the Horns won despite my red & black pj’s (I meant no harm, was only seeking comfort) Bring it, Day 2. 😉 #strongstart #2019goals #hookem #sugarbowlchamps #newyearbaby #newyearmom #giftconcierge #giftguru #calligrapher #atx #satx #thepinkpen