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Administrative Assistant's Day is April 25th. If you have a go-to person in your work life making your job easier, now is the time to say thanks. Of course cold hard cash, bouquets of flowers and an extra day off are all excellent options to recognize a job well done. But, if you want to change it up a bit this year or need to re-org your gift list, here are a few items that can make everyday feel like a Friday.

1. Letter Board :: New day, new thoughts. A fun way to share quotes or birthday announcements.

2. Crosley Radio :: Classic meets modern technology for the home or office.



I feel it's pretty safe to say that most people either are runners, know a runner or have a goal to run SOMETHING one day. I've dabbled in a little of everything from cross country in HS, to marathons to ultras. It's an infectious sport! Easy to do but not always so easy to conquer which is what keeps us coming back for more.

I'm kicking off my first gift guide with the very special occasion that is fast approaching...the BOSTON MARATHON. April 16, 2018 to be exact. If you are running or know someone running, CONGRATS because that is quite the accomplishment. And what better way to acknowledge this great feat than with a gift? Use my Runners Gift Guide now or tuck it away for another day. Either way, I'm excited to share with you my best gift ideas for the runners (or other active peeps) in your life.

Runners tend to be very particular about their race day shoes and gear. So, I've steered pretty clear of wearables for the start line and focused on items I've used and love as well as highly recommended items from friends and fellow racers.

Cheers to giving like...


I'm 5 years and 1 month into this sweet, little gig I've created for myself making hand lettered loveliness for clients. I must say my very favorite part of this calligraphy adventure has been the moment when a client sees their project in person for the first time. I always send a sneak peek text pic but the best reactions are when a bride, a mom-to-be or a husband sees their flourishy words on paper. The excitement is infectious. It's the wildest transaction. I get paid to see their smiles and hear their kind compliments on a job well done. I'll never tire of this.

But I've decided I cannot stop here, so I am expanding The Pink Pen to now focus on gift giving services in addition to calligraphy. Your gift concierge with an eye for meaningful and unique items your loved ones will cherish.

Armed with a little background info from you, I will curate 2-3 gift options within your set budget. After you select one, I will gift wrap (no gift bags here!) and ensure delivery of your special package. Hand lettered card included of course!

If you prefer to...


At this time last year I was busy packing up our home in Austin and getting the family ready to move to the Pacific Northwest, Washington specifically. If you were inquiring about calligraphy work, you probably received my auto reply with this news. Well, now we're back in Texas and I'm back on my lettering game.

Before heading to Washington, we would enjoy a not-so-restful family vacation (more on that later) for a couple of weeks in Colorado before heading into the biggest family adventure of our lives. Actually, the hubs and I have dubbed it our "10-month long vacation" in Washington because let me tell you, if you ever get the chance to head to Portland, OR or the Washington area, DO IT! It's absolutely breathtaking. Even the grey and rainy days were appreciated because they gave us a reason to do a little happy dance each time the sun made an appearance. Oh and when the sun shines there, it's like walking around inside of a big, beautiful Bob Ross painting surrounded by happy trees.

This Texas girl...


Hello?! Is anybody out there? It's been nearly a year since my first blog entry here and I'd say the time is now for a fresh post! Here's why...

I took some precious time this past weekend to attend a workshop called, "Best Year Yet." Now 2013 was pretty darn amazing but I just know in my heart and feel it in my soul that there is more. More love, more gratitude, more success, more CHEER!

We started out the morning at this exciting event by reflecting on what we felt good about and what we accomplished in 2013. We had 5 minutes. Here is what I jotted down:

1. Launched The Pink Pen!

2. I completed 40 client orders in 9.5 short months.

3. Completed a sugar detox, twice.

4. Shared before & after pictures of my nutritional journey.

5. Adjusted my parenting approach & felt the difference!

6. Became more conscious.

7. Became more thoughtful & grateful.

8. Encouraged my little people to be grateful as well with (almost) daily, individual gratitude lists we put on a small whiteboard.

9. Donated all kid's items...


There will be yet another candle on my birthday fruit salad? bagel? dinner roll? (Can you guess what I gave up for Lent?) this year. Unlike previous years I'm not the least bit sad for turning another year older. Instead, I'm celebrating entering my late thirties by starting my own business! I've always loved writing, doodling, calligraphy, colorful pens, pretty paper and being creative. Now I look forward to sharing these talents with the world.

While working for several years at lululemon athletica we were constantly goal setting and coaching one another on tapping into our inner greatness. It's taken me a while to realize that one of the things I am 'best in the world at' is hand lettering and making the written word look really pretty. It's tough to say that ("I'm best in the world at") but some things are right under your nose, or in my case my pen. Let me tell you, I make a mean poster for cheering my husband on at bike races, I often make birthday cards for friends and family and I've even had one of my...


As you might have read on my About page, I love love! The hubs and I were married on Valentine's Day in Austin, TX. If you're from the area you may even remember my wedding day because it snowed a crazy amount that day. It rarely snows here and it's even more rare for it to actually stick to the ground much less be able to build a snowman. But there there were several of them staring at me with scarves around their roly poly necks as we drove slowly through the white stuff to the church.

So in keeping with my love theme, here are the goodies we hope will fill some hearts with warmth: