Have a long list but a short budget? Here are a few non-dollar store ideas.

1. Expandable Flower Vase :: These gorgeous and genius collapsable vases do everything a regular vase does except collect dust. Stores flat. Easy to wash. Love this pattern too. Available at the cutest shop in San Antonio, Feliz Modern. NOVEL & USEFUL.

2. Salt Cellar :: Acacia wood with a swivel lid for quick access to a pinch of salt. USEFUL.

3. Plantable Wish Cards :: I love the adorable cards for writing a note or goal, planting it and then watching it bloom! NOVEL & EXPERIENCE.

4. 5-Minute Hourglass :: A great mindful tool for taking 5 minutes to calm the mind and looks cute on a desk in the meantime. USEFUL & EXPERIENCE.

5. La Marca Custom Label :: Ok, so this one will ring up just a little over $10 but the custom label is free! Create one online and La Marca will print it up and mail straight to you. Then affix to a bottle and gift. PERSONAL.

Gift Like Ya Mean It,