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Cinco. de. Mayo. Easily in my top 3 favorite holidays. Some folks love Christmas, while others can't wait for the food and family at Thanksgiving. And yes, all of those are so special but my heart belongs to: New Year's Day, Valentine's Day and Cinco de Mayo.

It all started with a wedding. My husband and I got married on a snowy Valentine's Day in Austin, TX. It fell on a Saturday and I had waited 2 long years to make sure I reserved our church and popular venue on that specific day. I wanted all my family and friends to share this day of love with us. Five years later, leave it to our first born to make her arrival with fireworks in the sky on New Year's Day. Not to be outdone, our fiesta-loving son decided to arrive 7 days early and just in time for happy hour on...Cinco de Mayo.

So you can see why I can't resist a colorful piñata and the occasional margarita. I couldn't let this holiday pass without an official Gift Guide. Think hostess gifts, home decor or just a fun something for yourself. Enjoy!

1. Piñata Piggy Bank :: 2. Grow Your Own Salsa Kit :: 3. Thank You Cards :: 4. Frida Mesh Bag :: 5. Molcajete :: 6. Drink Dispenser Stand (on sale)

The Frida Mesh Bags are a great buy and party favor at less than $4 a piece from a great shop in San Antonio, TX called Amol's. You can order online or if you live locally, visit their new location for tons of fiesta goodies. I order authentic paper flowers and papel picado banners as well as serapes which work as beautiful table cloths or bedding accents. I currently have my eye on their serape place mats for our kitchen.

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