I've been on an evil eye, aka nazar kick for a while now. It's a symbol that offers protection and luck. Since we're at the start of one of the luckiest months out there, I figured I'd share a few gift ideas. I'd categorize most of these as NOVEL since this icon is definitely trendy and fun.


Charm Bracelet :: Charming and fun. This piece goes with every outfit and can be gifted to a tween or adult depending no their personal style. NOVEL


Evil Eye Door Mat :: This piece is colorful and a gorgeous way to keep the true spirit and meaning of the evil eye alive and well. Sitting at the front of the home it offers protection and decoration. Extra points for this gift qualifying as NOVEL & USEFUL.


Tote Bag :: This one just screams, "take me on vacation, now." NOVEL & USEFUL.


Clutch :: Unfortunately, the clutch I own is no longer available at World Market. I *may* have purchased a few and given as gifts to myself and friends. Again, I'm really digging this trend. This one here is pretty cute too. NOVEL, USEFUL.


Earrings :: These earrings are fun and fresh and I love how artsy they feel. If hoops aren't exactly what you had in mind for your recipient (or yourself), browse the Kris Nations website because they also offer evil eye studs and every other fresh, cute, and fashionable jewelry piece you could want to give or get. NOVEL with lots of PERSONAL options too.