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Ahhh, apple cider, cozy sweaters, pumpkin picking and leaves turning golden all around...wait, I live in Texas so none of this is happening yet. But it will eventually and when it does, I will be ready!

Autumn is such a fun season filled with parties and activities. I've whipped up several ideas to get you ready for any kind of fall-themed event that may come your way. Tailgating, costume parties or Friendsgiving, you'll be set.

As always, I like to offer useful, unique and thoughtful gift ideas that will surprise and delight the receiver. With the holidays right around the corner, I especially tried to keep the ideas cost effective so no one is breaking the bank. Also, these are ideas...you can click on the link, add to cart and have it arrive to your door OR keep a few of these in mind and grab a similar item the next time you're at your favorite store. I'm looking at you, Target. ;)

I do hope the weather takes note of this list and starts cranking up the air.

Here we go.

1. Door Mat :: You've seen this idea before. It's because it's a good one! I LOVE this pumpkin shaped cutie that crosses over from October through November and just adds a cheerful touch to an entryway. Don't forget to roll this one up and tie with a wide ribbon and you're done.

2. Serving Tray :: I remember being told to stay away from this game as a child. Well all bets are off now! This slate Ouija inspired board provides a spooky background for cheese & crackers.

3. Jar of Matches :: Simple, unique and useful make these colorful matchsticks a handy hostess gift. Candles are great and everyone has one (or 12), so give something that complements them. Add a cheery ribbon and scribble something quirky on the tag like, "Lit & Lovin' It."

4. Glow Cups :: These stopped me in my tracks at the store the other day. I thought I'd seen everything glow in the dark, but these were new and eye-catching. They come 20 to a box for around $10. Lots of fun hydrating and game playing to be had with these. Just saying...starts with b and ends with -ong.

5. Fall Scarf :: These temps have to drop some time and when they do, a scarf can be the perfect cozy accessory to give a friend or party host. I love the prints and plaids Nordstrom has to offer and all around $25. Like this one, and this one, and this one. See what I mean? Similar to the door mat, just roll it up and tie with a festive ribbon & tag or box up and wrap. I know it's so tempting to throw it in a gift bag, but just don't. For me. Please.

6. Tea Towels :: Don't know about you, but I can never have enough tea towels around the kitchen. Find a pretty one in theme with the season and poof, you have a sweet gesture for a friend, teacher or foodie. TJMaxx and HomeGoods always have these ready to grab near the checkout.

7. Coasters :: Things that make these coasters perfect: Black & white. Classic design. Everyone's gotta drink water, right? That price.

8. Salt Cellar :: Invite me over for Thanksgiving and you're probably going to get one of these. It's subtle, yet feels so fancy without the spendy. Read the reviews, it's that good.