Grad gifts.png


1. Herschel Supply Duffle :: A solid duffle to take on any kind of adventure. USEFUL, LASTING

2. Glass Ceiling Necklace :: What a strong but subtle way to remind those goal getters to let nothing stand in the way of their dreams. Sterling silver and made in the USA, New York to be specific. Love this one! NOVEL, LASTING, PERSONAL

3. Lucky Horseshoe :: Whether going off to college or into the real world, we could all use a little extra luck. This gorgeous yarn-wrapped horseshoe piece will be a constant reminder of all the good to come. NOVEL

4. Five Minute Journal :: We know gratitude makes all the difference in how we feel and live. This journal with quick, meaningful prompts have set many goals and careers on fire. Creating this habit early can lead not only to success but lifetime fulfillment. This is a great item to include with cash or a gift card. NOVEL, USEFUL

5. Noise Canceling Headphones :: These will be lifesavers for any grad on your list. Whether heading to campus with a noisy roommate or into the office environment with lots of chatter, noise canceling headphones are a life saver. Consider this a daily use kind of gift. USEFUL

6. Jon Hart Backpack :: This item holds a special place in my heart. I was gifted this backpack at my high school graduation and carried it around all 40 Acres in college at UT. Durable with tons of colors to choose from and space to personalize. USEFUL, PERSONAL, LASTING

7. InstantPot & Cookbook :: While I am a gift guru, I am no whiz in the kitchen. However, I have heard so many people sing the praises of this wizard of an appliance. New grads short on money and time can quickly learn to nourish themselves and create healthy habits. I'd recommend adding a cookbook into the mix and a local grocery store gift card to complete the bundle. USEFUL, LASTING

8. Camping Hammock :: While the future grad could take this gift camping, it's ideal use will be for studying outside in nature or relaxing under a couple of trees on the weekend. Available in single or double size though I'd recommend the double for added comfort and because you can expect this to be a gift they'll keep for years to come and you just never know what the future holds! NOVEL, USEFUL, EXPERIENCE

GIFT like ya mean it,