For the man who has everything on your list. Consider these options - I've included a mix of style, comfort and fun items.

1. Burton Beercuda Sling :: Holds 5 cans plus a 6th in the front koozie to keep drinks cold and hands free. NOVEL & USEFUL.

2. BOSS Stationery :: Shop these locally and EXCLUSIVELY at Stag and find these and other non-traditional, statement making flat cards - these & these. USEFUL & PERSONAL.

3. Crosley Bluetooth Speaker :: Stylish sound tunes like a radio or works as a speaker for music from his latest playlist. NOVEL & USEFUL.

4. Corn Hole Yard Game :: A little something to entertain the grill master. NOVEL & EXPERIENCE.

5. A Man and His Watch Book :: Love this stylish book telling the story of famous men and the watches they wore. NOVEL.

6. Patagonia Pullover :: Like a comfy sweatshirt with some style. USEFUL.

7. Picture Frame :: Damn Son ;) NOVEL.

8. UGG Slippers :: Ultimate comfort. USEFUL.

Gift like ya mean it,