GUIDE TO GIFTING :: Friday Five 4.16

If ever there was a year to recognize a mom, this. is. it. She's juggled more than the already long list of usual mama duties. It's been a full year of zooming and schooling, with a side of constant snack prepping and dish unloading. It's also been a year of midday hugs between meetings and memorable family staycations. Pandemic or not, we all know moms rock!

1. NOVEL, EXPERIENCE :: Your Mama Book - A sweet twist on Your Mama jokes written by a powerful Latina. Read it out loud to your mom on her special day for a moment she won't forget.

2. USEFUL, LASTING, PERSONAL :: Modern Picnic Lunch Bag - This is the MOST chic insulated lunch bag ever. A must have for a stylish mama.

3. LASTING, PERSONAL :: Two Stone Ring - The sweetest ring ever AND can be personalized with birthstones. Bonus points for shopping local with this one.

4. USEFUL :: 2-Minute Tea Kettle - Gorgeous design, awesome reviews and boiling water in 2 minutes. Wins all around.

5. EXPERIENCE :: Ceramic Rainbow Paint Kit - Give her the gift of art and quiet time to create.

Gift like ya mean it,