GUIDE TO GIFTING :: Friday Five 4.9

Self-care, R-n-R, a timeout - whatever you call it, we all deserve some right now. This week's gift round up includes items that encourage the ones you love to slow down, breathe deep and relax. Wishing you the same!

1. Useful, Novel & Experience :: Pebbl Chair - This innovative, portable soul support chair comes with a weekly guided Zoom meditation.

2. Personal & Lasting :: El Cosmico Robe

3. Novel & Lasting :: Bathing Culture Body Wash

4. Useful :: Half Gallon Motivation Water Jug - Trust me, you don't need the full gallon. I made that mistake for both of us.

5. Useful :: Cedar Dry Brush - Google dry brushing...so good for the body!

Gift Like Ya Mean It,