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If there is anyone that deserves a great gift, it's a mom. Where would we be without these amazing, strong, loving women in our lives? Today I'm bringing ideas with heart and as always, options that fall into one of my 5 gifting categories: novel, personal, useful, lasting or experience.

I hope you'll find just the right item or be inspired by an idea you see here to find the perfect gift to bring a smile to your mama's sweet face. Enjoy.


Happy spring, happy sunshine, happy open-toe sandals and of course, Happy Easter!

Today I am bringing you ideas to plump up those Easter baskets with goodies that your babes, kiddos and even tweens will want and need. My intent is always, always to offer gift options that fall into one (or more) of my 5 gifting categories: novel, useful, personal, lasting or experience.

While I love all the colorful chocolates and sweets that come with this holiday, I do think there is room to switch out an item or two and offer up goodies that can be enjoyed once all the eggs are found and the bunny has hopped on to the next carrot patch.

So, here we go:



I've been on an evil eye, aka nazar kick for a while now. It's a symbol that offers protection and luck. Since we're at the start of one of the luckiest months out there, I figured I'd share a few gift ideas. I'd categorize most of these as NOVEL since this icon is definitely trendy and fun.


We love our kiddos and want to shower them with all the sweet things at Valentine's. Here are a few ideas to keep it simple but thoughtful, after all they just unwrapped all. the. presents. in December.

Heart Shaped Sunnies :: An adorable treat they can use now and as we head into spring. A cute face + these shades will give you instant swoon-worthy pics for IG and Grandma. You can order these in individual colors or a whole rainbow pack. Sunnies for everyone! Consider these a NOVEL idea.

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It's almost Valentine's Day!!! This is my Christmas. I love Love and I reallyyy love Valentine's. It means folks are sharing and showing their love for one another and that makes me super happy. As I've mentioned before, it's also my anniversary and I remember trying to create a wedding day/evening that was a big, love-ly date for everyone that attended. I also remember flowers being extra insanely expensive on THIS day.

Now don't get me wrong, I adore flowers. I delight in receiving them and even gift them to myself quite often. However, I also like a good bargain for my buck and it pains me to know that lovely dozen roses cost 3x's as much as any other day of the year and they'll be in the trash in a week. Boo.

My your sweetie or best bestie something floral with a little more staying power. Here are some ideas to get you started. Most ideas offered are pretty budget-friendly because, hello...we just wrapped up the holidays but I did include a splurge or two as well:



Congrats, you checked all the lists, bought all the gifts, made it through the holidays and into the start of a fabulous, new year. But don't get too comfy, we're 30 short days away from my absolute favorite holiday ever. Yep, Valentine's Day. I know, I know you've barely caught your breath but don't panic. I am here. for. you.

There were gift guides a plenty in every direction for the holidays and don't you worry there will be more and this is GREAT. However, with all these images, ideas and choices coming at you, it can get a little overwhelming. So, I'm here to share my personal guidelines for GIFTING. While I'd love to do the shopping and wrapping for you (you know that's a service I provide, right?), we're getting close and I want to help you get in the right frame of mind for giving your loved ones something they will truly love. (Cue Cupid.)

Keep in mind, just because we are celebrating Happy Hearts Day does not mean everything must be red, pink and covered in chocolate. Let's think beyond the holiday.

When I am shopping for a present personally or for a...

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Ahhh, apple cider, cozy sweaters, pumpkin picking and leaves turning golden all around...wait, I live in Texas so none of this is happening yet. But it will eventually and when it does, I will be ready!

Autumn is such a fun season filled with parties and activities. I've whipped up several ideas to get you ready for any kind of fall-themed event that may come your way. Tailgating, costume parties or Friendsgiving, you'll be set.

As always, I like to offer useful, unique and thoughtful gift ideas that will surprise and delight the receiver. With the holidays right around the corner, I especially tried to keep the ideas cost effective so no one is breaking the bank. Also, these are can click on the link, add to cart and have it arrive to your door OR keep a few of these in mind and grab a similar item the next time you're at your favorite store. I'm looking at you, Target. ;)

I do hope the weather takes note of this list and starts cranking up the air.

Here we go.



Yay for summertime! Hot days, long nights, vacations, pool parties and lots of memory making fun. Our family is loving all the carefree time with friends and fam without the worry of 6:30am alarm clocks and packing lunches.

With July 4th around the corner, I'm guessing you have some good times coming your way too. Maybe you need a hostess gift or have a summer birthday to celebrate. I've got you covered with some cute, easy and useful gift ideas that won't leave your sno-cone budget dry.

1. Door Mat :: This is an unexpected but super useful gift to bring along for a summer soiree. There are SO many to choose from - keep it traditional or go for one with a funny phrase like, "GO AWAY." Tailor it to your recipient's taste. This one is from everybody's fave, Target but Amazon or Etsy can easily take care of you too. Roll it up and tie it with a wide grosgrain ribbon for a no-fuss presentation.


rad dad.png

Rad Dad Gift Guide, coming in HOT! I've compiled a list of non-traditional gift ideas to inspire kid-like adventure, killer style and fresh dad jokes. We're just over a week away, so I'll jump right in.

1. Razor DXT Drift Trike :: This one is at the very top of my list. Road and mountain bikes are quite personal and an investment. However, this hot little ride offers the chance to be a kid again WITH your kids. You can get it quickly via Amazon but keep in mind, assembly is required.

2. Adidas Adilette Cloudfoam Mono Sport Slide :: Keep Dad's kicking-back kicks on point with these monochromatic slides. These will have him in ultra laid back mode due to the Cloudfoam cushion sole which they've been using in their sneakers and it's A+. Reviews suggest sizing up for ultimate comfort. Available in black and grey, which would be my personal choice.