Happy Birthday to Me & The Pink Pen

There will be yet another candle on my birthday fruit salad? bagel? dinner roll? (Can you guess what I gave up for Lent?) this year. Unlike previous years I'm not the least bit sad for turning another year older. Instead, I'm celebrating entering my late thirties by starting my own business! I've always loved writing, doodling, calligraphy, colorful pens, pretty paper and being creative. Now I look forward to sharing these talents with the world.

While working for several years at lululemon athletica we were constantly goal setting and coaching one another on tapping into our inner greatness. It's taken me a while to realize that one of the things I am 'best in the world at' is hand lettering and making the written word look really pretty. It's tough to say that ("I'm best in the world at") but some things are right under your nose, or in my case my pen. Let me tell you, I make a mean poster for cheering my husband on at bike races, I often make birthday cards for friends and family and I've even had one of my references mention my excellent penmanship to a prospective employer. So I'm taking my work to the streets and I'm ready to create something brilliant to celebrate you and your special day, whatever the occasion may be!

Oh, and Happy BIRTH Day to The Pink Pen.