New Year, More Cheer!

Hello?! Is anybody out there? It's been nearly a year since my first blog entry here and I'd say the time is now for a fresh post! Here's why...

I took some precious time this past weekend to attend a workshop called, "Best Year Yet." Now 2013 was pretty darn amazing but I just know in my heart and feel it in my soul that there is more. More love, more gratitude, more success, more CHEER!

We started out the morning at this exciting event by reflecting on what we felt good about and what we accomplished in 2013. We had 5 minutes. Here is what I jotted down:

1. Launched The Pink Pen!

2. I completed 40 client orders in 9.5 short months.

3. Completed a sugar detox, twice.

4. Shared before & after pictures of my nutritional journey.

5. Adjusted my parenting approach & felt the difference!

6. Became more conscious.

7. Became more thoughtful & grateful.

8. Encouraged my little people to be grateful as well with (almost) daily, individual gratitude lists we put on a small whiteboard.

9. Donated all kid's items to my FIL's foundation in El Salvador where I know each pair of shoes, t-shirt or toy makes a huge difference.

10. Juicing - kale, carrots, spinach, apples, oranges...all down the hatch & everyone asks for seconds.

11. Making nutritious meals for my family.

12. Enrolling the little people in a new preschool and watching them thrive.

13. Cheering for and crewing my husband at his 2nd Leadville MTB 100 race.

14. Taking up running again.

15. Trying out trail running and loving it.

16. Listening to podcasts during downtime and long workouts to enhance my brain.

17. Starting a meditation practice.

18. Being a supportive daughter.

19. Being more playful.

20. Enrolling the little people to make their beds sans tantrums or whining.

21. Watching less TV.

22. Loving my family more deeply & accepting who they are as people.

23. Yoga with Ricky Williams. Hook'OM!

I'd say I was feeling pretty good and then came the next question: What were your biggest disappointments for this year? I'm going to keep it positive here and end the sharing but it was very eye opening to see where the shortcomings were and where I could add to the goals I'd already created for myself for 2014.

One of my goals is to blog at least once a month...I'm all caught up for January now! Since Carrie (the leader at the workshop) had such a great response over the weekend, she is now offering a FREE 2-hour virtual version of the day-long session I took. I'm including the link below for anyone that would like to begin planning their own Best Year Yet! You'll see a bit in there about parenting but it's really for everyone. Seriously :)

And on top of all this goodness, it's also the Chinese year of the Horse which I watch out, I'm moving fast and strong this year to achieving more than ever before.

Happy 2014 & cheers to making some magic happen in your own journey.

With gratitude,